CAP for Vaccine Production

CAP Cells exhibit key advantages in the field of vaccine development: adapted to animal component free suspension culture the human amniocyte derived cells propagate a very broad range of clinically relevant human viruses at high titers. Non-tumorous origin, development of the cell line under guidance of ethical advisory committees and a fully documented history from donor to Master Cell Bank position CAP as a versatile mammalian expression host.

The cells grow to very high cell densities in suspension culture and allow upscaling to all relevant bioreactor formats in chemically defined medium. Thus and in contrast to most other production cell lines, vaccines can be produced in chemically defined, serum-free media.

CAP Cells produce high titers upon infection with e.g. Influenza Virus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Polio Virus and also for gene therapy relevant viral species like Lentivirus or Adenovirus. An efficient protective vaccine against Cytomegalovirus is currently being developed in form of a human HCMV dense bodies vaccine.

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