Technology Evaluation

Testing the CAP Technology

We are convinced that CAP Technology is the best choice for your protein. Let us convince you, too.

CAP and CAP-T Cells are freely* available for a timely limited evaluation period.

Testing CAP Technology is easy, fast and convenient: We provide all necessary components and latest protocols. Our scientific-support team is looking forward to assist you.

To save time you might want to take advantage of our cell line development and transient expression service instead. Just send us your constructs:  small scale stable CAP pools or supernatants of transiently transfected CAP-T Cells are  generated within 7-10 weeks at a  reasonable price.

Call our evaluation specialist today! (+49-221-46020800)

CEVEC provides:

  • Cells, expression vectors, control plasmids and media for initial experiments
  • Detailed protocols on CAP/CAP-T cultivation and transfection
  • Regular interaction with our scientific support team or
  • Use CEVEC´s service offer for your evaluation


* Further use of CAP Technology after the evaluation period requires a valid license from CEVEC.