CAP-Technology for Protein Production

CAP and CAP-T Cells exhibit exceptional yields for complex proteins and antibodies. Authentic human-like post-translational modifications allow for higher specific activities and more cost-effective large scale productions of therapeutic molecules. A unique advantage of the transiently protein producing CAP-T Cells and the stably producing CAP Cells are identical and highest product qualities provided by an isogenic cellular background.

Therefore, the costly and time-consuming classical switch of transient and stable cell expression like e.g. the 293/CHO switch in upstream cell line development can be avoided

One platform for all your needs, transient to permanent protein expression: A continuum for rapid and versatile product development. From your initial research ideas all the way to scale up and process optimization.

CAP Cell Line for stable protein expression

  • Stable and very high yield expression of human proteins, including antibodies, complex proteins and vaccines
  • Authentic human-like post-translational modifications
  • High density growth in suspension under serum-free, chemically defined conditions
  • Immortalized by a function not oncogenic in human
  • Ethically accepted source of origin
  • Allows fast and easy cell line development
  • Validated stable growth in different types of bioreactos
  • Certified Master Cell Bank (MCB) available
  • First CAP-derived therapeutic proteins have passed human phase I clinical trials reflecting regulatory compliance of CAP Technology in clinical development

CAP-T Cell Line for transient protein expression

  • Incorporates ALL advantages of parental CAP Cells
  • Proceed within two weeks from gene to milligram and gram amounts of protein
  • Efficient and scalable transfection using different commercial reagents