Expression systems differ in glycosylation

CEVEC has developed a new and proprietary expression system for biopharmaceuticals offering significant advantages over existing production technologies.

Human cell-based expression systems are of special value for the expression and production of complex human therapeutic proteins, antibodies and related molecules, thus matching increasing demands for quality, identity and high expression rates. However, the number of human non-tumor derived cell types, which can be immortalized to stable high producer cells is very limited.

CEVEC´s CAP Cells, based on normal human amniocytes, have proven highly efficient in the production of a broad range of otherwise difficult to express glycoproteins. These molecules are produced at high titers with authentic post-translational modifications in serum-free suspension culture. Their ability to generate human glycosylation patterns also makes CAP Cells a valuable tool for vaccine production.  

CEVEC´s intellectual property on amniocyte technology is protected worldwide within three patent families. Using CEVEC's proprietary technology, primary human amniocytes have been immortalized by adenoviral genetic E1/pIX functions and selected for highly efficient CAP (CEVEC's Amniocyte Production) cell lines. 

A master cell bank (MCB) of CAP Cells growing in suspension has been established, tested and certified according to ICH guidelines and European Pharmacopeia. Therefore, a production cell line for your pharmaceutically active protein is just around the corner: Our simple and reliable protocols allow the fast generation of producer cell lines based on our parental permanent CAP Cells under controlled and optimized conditions.