Cell Line Development and Protein Expression Services in CAP and CAP-T Cells

CEVEC is pleased to offer  cell line development and protein expression services in extraordinary short timelines  & at competitive pricings.

The service combines CEVEC‘s proprietary CAP cell technology with optimized vector construction, serum-free cell line generation and process development using our customized CAP and CAP-T media.
Completing our service package with  small scale protein purification, your  desired protein of choice is delivered to you at amazing speed!


Try CEVEC`s  First Class Evaluation Service:

Test CEVEC´s CAP platform without having to establish the technology at your facility via our:

- Transient Transfection Service
- Stable Transfection Service

These services constitute the starting point for successful cell line development. In order to make your experience with CAP technology as convenient as possible, we offer individually tailored solutions for your project needs.
Further details can be downloaded as pdf file here.

Please contact support@cevec.com regarding further questions or to receive a quote.
For more information, call ++49-221-46020800 !