For many years, the pharmaceutical industry has been waiting for human cells to produce their therapeutic proteins with high yields and activities.

The bottlenecks of current protein production like unsatisfying yields, inauthentic glycosylation, inefficient sialylation, reduced serum half-life or potential immunogenicity of the therapeutic material are overcome by using CEVEC´s unique and proprietary CAP Technology.

CAP cell line for stable expression of biopharmaceuticals offers significant advantages:

  • Stable and high expression of human proteins
  • Human-like post-translational modifications
  • Growth in suspension in serum-free chemically defined medium
  • High cell density
  • Non-tumor origin, immortalized by a function not oncogenic in human
  • Easily accessible, ethically accepted source of origin
  • Fast and easy cell line development
  • Stable growth parameters in different types of bioreactors
  • Suited as well for vaccine production
  • Complete cell source and cell line development documentation

With this at hand, our customers around the world are able to outstandingly cope with the exciting task of supplying today´s therapeutic markets with the best biopharmaceuticals possible: safe, easy and efficient:


The permanent CAP expression system for production of biopharmaceuticals is complemented by the CAP-T Technology for transient expression of proteins.

With CAP-T, customers can proceed within only two weeks from gene to milligram and gram amounts of protein for screening, assay development, target validation, drug discovery, early stage pre-clinical drug development and lead optimization.

CAP-T are based on CAP Cells and incorporate all their positive features, such as:

  • Fully documented cell line from ethically accepted source
  • Certified Master Cell Bank (MCB)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Efficient and scalable transfection using different commercial reagents
  • Growth in suspension in serum-free and chemically defined medium
  • Selected for highly efficient protein expression
  • Authentic glycosylation
  • Fast process times
  • Easy-to-use in small-scale shaker flasks up to different bioreactor types

CEVEC´s CAP-T Cells are the most flexible tool you can use during the journey from research & development to pre-clinical phases.
Not only do they match the highest quality and industry standards but you can also transfer everything you have learned about early testing of your recombinant protein expressed in CAP-T Cells to stable expression in CAP Cells.
Unlike other systems, we offer one platform for all your needs from early development up to clinical supply.


CEVEC out-licenses its technologies and know-how to pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Partners in all major markets have taken licenses including CAP and CAP-T Technologies for the production of a wide range of proteins and other biomolecules.
To meet the individual needs of every single license holder, CEVEC offers a flexible, customer friendly model that will be adopted to your individual objectives based on the following license structure:

  1. Non-Exclusive „Research Only“ license for CAP and/or CAP-T including free evaluation phase (available for CMO´s, CRO´s, BioTechs, Academia/Governmental Organizations and Pharmaceuticals Companies).
  2. Non-Exclusive „Research and Development“ license (including pre-clinical activitities up to excluding clinical phase I studies).
  3. Non-Exclusive „Development Phase I-IV“ License for CAP and/or CAP-T.
  4. Exclusive „Production“ License and/or Exclusive „Protein Development” Licenses.

If you want to discuss with us our flexible license options please contact us at: