How can Recombinant Proteins be used in Veterinary Medicine? – July 24, 2017

This expert has told us why recombinant proteins are an elegant way to go in the production of veterinary vaccines and why glycosylation patterns can play a big part in all of it!

For many decades, human blood plasma has been a source of different biotherapeutic proteins, including antibodies, albumin and blood coagulation factors. Although they are essential for the treatment of different diseases, such as hemophilia or immunological disorders, sources are limited and safety concerns persist.

Fortunately, a lot has been achieved in the field of recombinant technologies in the last 20 years. Today, recombinant proteins in the form of ion channels, antibodies, cytokines, coagulation factors and many more can be produced in the laboratory without the help of human donors. Many of these proteins, however, are hard to manufacture as they have highly complex glycosylation patterns that are difficult to express.