Cell Culture Media

All production processes with the CAP-Go and CAP-GT platforms have been optimized for the use of serum-free, chemically defined and commercially available media.

The choice of medium depends on the particular product and production system.

CEVEC supports you in selecting the appropriate medium according to the specific requirements of your project. To consult with our experts on medium selection, please contact us at info@cevec.com

Host Cell Protein (HCP) Assay
for CAP® cells

An easy to use and highly sensitive ELISA kit to monitor the presence of Host Cell Proteins during process development of CAP derived biopharmaceutical products. The kit was specifically designed and developed for CAP cells by CYGNUS Technologies and features:

  • All necessary reagents, including calibrated standards, antibody coated microtiter plates, conjugate, substrate, and wash buffer.
  • 96 removable strip well microtiter plate format that allows for use of only the number of wells needed at any one time.
  • Very broad coverage to the majority of the CAP proteome.
  • Excellent precision of <10% CV’s ensures consistent and dependable results.
  • Minimal sample matrix interferences from most bioprocess streams.
  • Validated for testing of final product HCPs using in-process and final drug substance samples.
  • LOD of ~0.9ng/mL.

The kit is available directly from CYGNUS Technologies