Recombinant glyco-protein production using CEVEC’s proprietary CAP®GO platform

Defining the desired
glycoprofile for
your molecule

Selecting the
CAP®Go Cell Line

Upstream and
Process Development

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CEVEC offers cell line development services on its CAP-Go platform including

  • Construction of optimized expression vectors
  • Serum- and animal component-free cell line generation
  • Stable pool generation and single cell cloning for recombinant protein expression using the CAP-Go platform.


Upstream Process Development

  • Optimization of Batch/Fed-Batch Processes
  • Stirred Tank Bioreactor, Wave, and/or Shaker Flasks
  • CAP-CDM our serum-free, chemically defined media that is specifically optimized for CAP Cells. CAP-CDM is ideal for batch processes with CAP Cells and gives optimal yields in fed-batch processes in combination with CEVEC’s CAP-CDM Feed supplement.
  • Lab to production scale
  • Scale-down studies

Downstream Process Development

  • Development of scalable and cGMP-compliant downstream processes for tagged and untagged proteins
  • State of the art purification equipment
  • Purification of research material up to 1g


CAP-derived clinical material for Phase I-II studies is produced by our CDMO partners

  • GenIbet in Lisbon/Portugal – CAP CDMO Joint Venture
  • Paragon in Baltimore/Maryland – CEVEC’s preferred CDMO in North America

CEVEC assists in selecting the appropriate CDMO partner, with the final choice being made by our clients.

Based on our CAP Technology platform we perform

  • cGMP Master and Working Cell Bank production
  • cGMP bulk protein production
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance Services
  • Fill and finish
  • Support of dossier filing with Regulatory Authorities.

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