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CEVEC offers cell line development services for its CAP® platform including

  • Construction of optimized expression vectors
  • Serum-free cell line generation with our chemically defined CAP Media
  • Stable pool generation and single cell cloning for recombinant protein expression using the CAP-Go platform
  • Stable packaging cell generation for viral gene therapy vector production using the CAP-GT platform


Upstream Process Development

  • Optimization of Batch/Fed-Batch Processes
  • Stirred Tank Bioreactor, Wave, and/or Shaker Flasks
  • CAP-CDM our serum-free, chemically defined media that is specifically optimized for CAP Cells. CAP-CDM is ideal for batch processes with CAP Cells and gives optimal yields in fed-batch processes in combination with CEVEC’s CAP-CDM Feed supplement.
  • Lab to production scale
  • Scale-down studies

Downstream Process Development

  • Development of scalable and cGMP-compliant downstream processes for tagged and untagged proteins
  • State of the art purification equipment
  • Purification of research material up to 1g


CAP-derived clinical material for Phase I-II studies is produced by our CDMO partners

  • GenIbet in Lisbon/Portugal – CAP CDMO Joint Venture
  • Paragon in Baltimore/Maryland – CEVEC’s preferred CDMO in North America
  • Beckman Research Institute City of Hope in Duarte/California – Support of Phase I/II clinical trials for lentiviral and adenoviral vectors

CEVEC assists in selecting the appropriate CDMO partner, with the final choice being made by our clients.

Based on our CAP Technology platform we perform

  • cGMP Master and Working Cell Bank production
  • cGMP Master and Working Viral Seed Stock preparation
  • cGMP bulk protein production
  • cGMP gene therapy vector production
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance Services
  • Fill and finish
  • Support of dossier filing with Regulatory Authorities.

Benefit from our extensive know-how and expertise and contact us at: bizdev@cevec.com

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