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CEVEC is a global solution provider focussing on the development of top notch human expression systems with highest ethical standards.

Our platform expression technologies CAP and CAP-T are based on immortalized suspension cells derived from primary human amniocytes.

CAP and CAP-T are designed for stable and transient protein production and achieve highest protein yields with authentic human glycosylation patterns.


2014, February

Vibalogics GmbH Licenses CAP Technology from Cevec

Cologne, Germany, January 27th 2014 – CEVEC Pharmaceuticals, the developer of a novel human expression system derived from amniocytes (CAP® Cells), and Vibalogics GmbH, international manufacturer of viruses and bacteria for novel biological products announced a collaboration in the field of virus production and vaccine development today,

CAP for Protein Production


CEVEC has developed a new and proprietary expression platform for biopharmaceuticals based on human amniocytes. The versatile CAP and CAP-T Cells exhibit exceptional yields for antibodies and complex proteins and are also an excellent tool for vaccine and virus production. A unique advantage of the transiently protein producing CAP-T Cells and the stably producing CAP Cells are identical and highest product qualities provided by an isogenic cellular background.


CAP for Vaccine Production


CAP Cells are highly advantageous in the field of vaccine production:

Stable CAP Cells are derived from primary human amniocytes and meet highest ethical standards. They are of non-tumor origin, obtained under guidance of ethical committees and with complete informed consent of the donor. From first cultivation of primary cells up to Master Cell Bank every  step is fully documented.