Wolfgang Kintzel

Chief Executive Officer

Wolfgang Kintzel, biologist by training (MSc), joined Schering/Berlex gaining quickly more responsibility in various sales and marketing functions. With now more than 18 years of experience in different roles within the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industry in leading European and US-based organizations he had full P&L responsibility up to 100 Mio €. Wolfgang managed organizations up to 170 employees. From 2000 - 2008 he built up amaxa GmbH as global VP Marketing & Sales from a true start-up situation to a fully integrated company complemented with an outstanding M&A experience in 2008 when the company was sold to Lonza Group Ltd., Switzerland. Wolfgang joined CEVEC in 2010 as Managing Director. Wolfgang holds several board assignments in European biotech companies.

Frank Ubags

Chief Operating Officer

Frank Ubags has more than 35 years of business experience in renowned companies. He joined the life science business in 1997 as CFO of Rhein Biotech. He led the IPO at the Neuer Markt in 1999 and initiated and executed the transformation of Rhein Biotech into a vaccines company through a major acquisition, two years later followed by a sale to Berna Biotech. Frank served from 2004 as CEO of the German Rhein Biotech operation and after its sale to Dynavax, he joined Kiadis Pharma in 2006 as CFO. In 2009 he joined Scil Proteins as CFO. After a successful financing round in 2011, he took over in 2012 the COO position for the Scil Proteins CMO operation where he led the company through a successful FDA inspection and he initiated the sale of Scil Proteins Production to Wacker Biotech. Frank holds several advisory positions in the field of protein production.

Dr. Nicole Faust

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Nicole Faust holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology. After a post-doctoral period at the EMBL, Heidelberg, she joined Artemis-Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Cologne in 1999 where she took over responsibility for the Molecular Technology group as Associate Director R&D. In 2004 she started a position with amaxa GmbH, now Lonza Cologne GmbH. As Director R&D she was responsible for developing transfection technologies, for the cell-based assay program, and for establishing and running the cell line development services. She joined CEVEC in May 2011 as VP Development & Services and was appointed Chief Scientific Officer in 2014.

Dr. Hartmut Tintrup

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Hartmut Tintrup served previously as VP Business Development & Licensing at CEVEC and holds a Ph.D. in Neurochemistry from Frankfurt University, Germany. He spent 16 years in various positions of increasing responsibility at leading Biotech Companies in the US and Germany. Prior to joining CEVEC he held management positions at amaxa AG and Lonza in Industrial Sales, Export and Tactical Marketing. Hartmut joined CEVEC in 2010 and was appointed Chief Business Officer in 2014.