Dr. Joachim Rautter

Partner at PEPPERMINT VENTURE PARTNERS/ Chairman of the Board

Dr. Joachim Rautter is a co-founder of Peppermint Venture Partners and one of the managing partners in the Charité Biomedical Fund.

Prior to the launch of Peppermint Ventures Partners he was Investment Director at Peppermint Holding GmbH in Berlin, where he was responsible for the investment activities of the Peppermint Industry Group and the establishment of its first Venture Capital fund in 2000. Dr. Rautter has more than 10 years of experience in the Venture Capital industry. He has been chairman of the boards of Scienion AG and JADO Technologies GmbH. He is currently chairman of the board of CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH and is holding board seats of CAP-CMV GmbH , CryoTherapeutics GmbH and Innolume GmbH.
Before joining Peppermint, Dr. Rautter was active in mentoring, consulting and building of technology start-up companies and had a leading role in establishing e.g. the biotechnology initiative of Berlin-Brandenburg (BioTOP) and the regional innovation strategy for the state of Brandenburg.
He holds a Master in Physics and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart and the Berlin Technical University.

Dr. Aristotelis Nastos

Investment Manager at the NRW BANK

Dr. Aristotelis Nastos has held several positions within the German life science industry focusing on venture financing, most recently at the NRW BANK in Duesseldorf as Investment Manager. Previously he also worked at Peppermint Financial Partners in Berlin concentrating on investments in life sciences and nanotechnologies. His deep scientific background has allowed him the seamless transition from academia to industry and finance. With a Masters of Science in Biology from the Ruhr-University of Bochum and subsequent Research Fellowship at the Dept. for Cell Biology at the University of Essen (PhD) and a Post Doc at the Randal Institute of the King's College in London (UK) as an International Fellow of The Wellcome Trust, he was able to successfully take on the position of Head of the Research Group at the German Diabetes Institute in Düsseldorf.

Rainer Christine

Entrepreneur and Business Angel

Rainer Christine has 15 years of experience in life-science, first as an entrepreneur/CEO and then as a private investor. He co-founded and ran amaxa, a German-American life-science company in the space of enabling technologies, from inception to a financially very successful trade sale in 2008. He briefly worked for Aescap, a Dutch life-science VC fund, and then started to make private investments in the areas of medical devices and enabling technologies and to support the companies as a board member. Rainer Christine is also on the advisory board of CLIB2021 Cluster for Industrial Biotechnology and of the Charité Biomedical Fund in Berlin.

Christian Leikert

Investment Manager at Creathor Venture

Christian Leikert is Investment Manager at Creathor Venture with more than 14 years of experience in venture capital. He joined Creathor in 2013 with a focus on biotechnology transactions. He started his career at Future Capital AG, a venture capital fund focussed on life sciences and material technologies. Christian holds a masters degree in business administration from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kochanek

Professor at the University of Ulm and Director of the Department of Gene Therapy

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kochanek is Professor at the University of Ulm and Director of the Department of Gene Therapy. He is one of the founders of CEVEC and member of CEVEC's scientific board since the very beginning of the company. Stefan Kochanek is an internationally renowned expert in development of new therapeutic procedures for disease using viral and non-viral gene transfer technologies.

Dr. Klaus Zimmermann


Dr. Klaus Zimmermann, Barrister-at-law. After his studies in Würzburg, Lausanne, Freiburg, Paris and Berkeley, Klaus Zimmermann successfully started his chambers in Heidelberg which he has been running now for more than 30 years. He accompanied several start-ups in medicine technology and biotechnology and is supervisory board member of some bigger international companies.