CEVEC Pharmaceuticals

CEVEC is a global solution provider focusing on the development of top notch human expression systems with highest ethical standards. Our platform expression technologies CAP® and CAP-T® are based on immortalized suspension cells derived from primary human amniocytes.

CAP® and CAP-T® are designed for stable and transient protein production and achieve highest protein yields with authentic human glycosylation patterns. We have a high focus on research & development, production and marketing of our cell systems for protein and vaccine production accompanied by our development of selected “bio-better” and “bio-superior” candidates.

CEVEC actively started to out-license its technologies worldwide in 2005. Founded by a group of internationally renowned scientists and clinicians from the University of Cologne, the company now supports CROs, CMOs, BioTechs and Pharmaceutical companies all over the world. CEVEC´s headquarter is in Cologne, Germany.