CEVEC announces appointment of life sciences industry expert Frank Ubags as Chief Executive Officer

Cologne, Germany, April 17, 2015 - CEVEC Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC), the provider of novel human cell expression systems, today announced the appointment of Frank Ubags as Chief Executive Officer starting immediately. He replaces Wolfgang Kintzel who is moving into the investor side of the life sciences industry. He will continue to serve as an advisor to CEVEC.

Frank Ubags joined CEVEC in October 2014 as Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director. He has over 35 years of leadership experience in renowned companies. He has successfully executed major financing transactions, turn around projects, and initiated and executed major M&A transactions in both acquiring and selling companies. Frank joined the life sciences industry in 1997 as CFO of Rhein Biotech, where he led the 1999 IPO and was responsible for the transformation of Rhein Biotech into a vaccines company followed by, two years later, a trade sale to Berna Biotech. In addition, Frank’s experience has included CEO, COO and CFO positions in companies such as the German Rhein Biotech operation, Kiadis Pharma and Scil Proteins. Frank holds several advisory positions in the field of protein production.

CAP for Protein Production


CAP and CAP-T Cells exhibit exceptional yields for complex proteins and antibodies. Authentic human-like post-translational modifications allow for higher specific activities and more cost-effective large scale productions of therapeutic molecules. A unique advantage of the transiently protein producing CAP-T Cells and the stably producing CAP Cells are identical and highest product qualities provided by an isogenic cellular background.


CAP for Vaccine Production


CAP Cells exhibit key advantages in the field of vaccine development: adapted to animal component free suspension culture the human amniocyte derived cells propagate a very broad range of clinically relevant human viruses at high titers. Non-tumorous origin, development of the cell line under guidance of ethical advisory committees and a fully documented history from donor to Master Cell Bank position CAP as a versatile mammalian expression host.


Clinical Material


CEVEC is your contract manufacturer of choice for cGMP production in CAP Cells.
CAP-derived clinical material can be provided for phase I-II studies and we produce your desired protein, vaccine, virus or gene therapy vector at extraordinary pace and competitive pricing through our CAP CMO Joint Venture with Genibet in Lisbon/Portugal.